Our Company

We are a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company harnessing the power of soluble guanylate cyclase (sGC) pharmacology to discover, develop and commercialize breakthrough treatments for serious and orphan diseases.

Leveraging a Critical Pathway

Cyclerion was founded with the goal of unlocking the full therapeutic potential of the nitric oxide-cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) signaling pathway. Imbalance in this pathway is linked to the pathophysiology of a wide range of cardiovascular, metabolic, inflammatory, fibrotic and neurological diseases. As such, we believe our approach to enhancing NO-cGMP signaling – targeted sGC stimulation – has broad potential to treat human disease. We are excited and motivated by this opportunity to bring potential new medicines to patients in need.

Startup Spirit, Mature Biotech Expertise

Cyclerion was spun out of Ironwood Pharmaceuticals as an independent, publicly traded company in April 2019. We are leaders in targeted sGC stimulator chemistry and nitric oxide-cGMP pathway pharmacology, and our team has already advanced several sGC stimulators into the clinic.

We are emboldened with the spirit and culture of a startup, while bolstered by the expertise, leadership and robust pipeline of a mature biotech. We are diligently working to translate sGC science into important medicines for patients in need.

Designing Highly Differentiated, Disease-Specific sGC Stimulators

We design sGC stimulators with distinct pharmacologic and biodistribution properties that preferentially enhance nitric oxide-cGMP signaling in target tissues of greatest relevance to the diseases they are intended to treat. The resulting sGC stimulators are highly differentiated from each other, as well as from other sGC modulators and molecules that target this pathway via other mechanisms.

Learn more about our five investigational, highly differentiated, disease-specific sGC stimulators.

Value-Creating Enablers

Our strategy to deliver impact to patients and create value for stockholders rests on a solid scientific foundation that is enabled by our people and capabilities, external collaborators and a responsive capital allocation approach.

Value Enablers

Leaders in targeted sGC stimulator chemistry and nitric oxide-cGMP pathway pharmacology

Our founding team has deep knowledge and significant experience in cGMP pathway research and development. This experience encompasses the discovery and development of linaclotide, an Ironwood product that leverages the pharmacology of the guanylate cyclase-C-cGMP pathway, to the development of the sGC stimulator chemistry libraries and systems pharmacology data that gave rise to the current portfolio of assets that are the foundation for our innovation at Cyclerion.

Exceptional team with proven track record of delivering innovative therapies

We have broad expertise throughout our organization in discovering, developing and commercializing category-leading products, and are led by a management team with a history of successfully delivering innovative therapies to patients while creating value for stockholders.

We leverage a diverse cross-disciplinary network of external advisors and experts to advance our drug candidates. We do this by:

  1. Actively engaging leading experts to access additional technologies and expertise to advance our programs
  2. Establishing disease-area advisory boards of physicians, patients and payors to provide insights into the unmet medical need and to support the design of clinical trials
  3. Consulting scientific advisory boards made up of veteran drug hunters with broad industry experience and a track record of innovation

We will apply a ‘‘best-owner’’ approach to our compounds whereby we develop and commercialize product candidates independently or through a partner depending on which path we believe will accelerate global patient access to our drugs and offer the greatest risk-adjusted value for our stockholders. We intend to prioritize development and commercialization in diseases characterized by structurally attractive markets where we can successfully commercialize on our own. We define structurally attractive markets as those managed by a narrow prescriber base with clear unmet patient need, payor willingness to pay and the potential for first-in-class entry.

To inquire about partnering with Cyclerion, please reach out to us at partnering@cyclerion.com.

The capital allocation decision making and financial management we use in our business is designed to enable us to continually deploy capital and people to the most promising opportunities.

About Our Name

cyclerion (sy-claire-ee-on)

Answering the Clarion Call

The Cyclerion name has, embedded within, an inherent call to action…a clarion call. In one sense, it’s a call from patients to address their unmet needs. In another, it’s a call from within to break new scientific ground, push boundaries, hunt for breakthrough drugs and deliver results for our stockholders.

And, from a literal perspective, the “cycle” root of our name pays homage to the molecules and targets that are foundational to our company, such as cyclic GMP and guanylate cyclase. “Cycle” also conveys a sense of forward movement, with pattern and rhythm.

We don’t view drug discovery and development as a linear process, but rather a cyclical one: gaining biological insights, discovering and advancing candidate medicines and demonstrating important benefit to patients. Doing this well means we earn the right to repeat the process.