CY6463 (FORMERLY IW-6463)

A Central Nervous System-Penetrant Soluble Guanylate Cyclase Stimulator Increased Cerebral Blood Flow and Modulated fMRI-BOLD Responses in Rodents

Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting (2018)

Christopher J. Winrow, Juli E. Jones, Peter Germano, Sarah Jacobson, Susana S. Correia, Kim Tang, Jenny Tobin, Praveen Kulkarni, Craig Ferris, Mark G. Currie, Rajesh R. Iyengar and John R. Hadcock

This research describes the effects of IW-6463, a central nervous system-penetrant sGC stimulator, on cerebral blood flow.

In normal rats, IW-6463 increased blood flow in areas of the brain associated with memory and arousal

Central nervous system (CNS) activity can be assessed by measuring blood flow in the brain via functional magnetic resonance imaging using blood-oxygen-level-dependent (BOLD) imaging. As shown, compared with animals treated with a peripherally restricted sGC stimulator that does not penetrate the CNS (left), animals treated with CNS-penetrant IW-6463 (right) had increased BOLD signal in brain areas associated with memory and arousal in rats, indicating that blood flow to those brain areas increased with IW-6463 treatment. Winrow et al. (SfN 2018) poster presentation

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