Impact of Praliciguat, a Soluble Guanylate Cyclase Stimulator, on Blood Pressure and Metabolic Parameters in Patients with Diabetes and Hypertension

54th Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (2018)

J.P. Seferovic, P. Wilson, K.E. Carlson, J. Jung, J.D. Wakefield, P. Miller, J.G. Chickering, L. Morrow, M.G. Currie, G.T. Milne, A.T. Profy, J.P. Hanrahan

This oral presentation further elucidates the results of the Phase 2a study of praliciguat in patients with diabetes and hypertension by sharing the results of post-hoc subgroup analyses by concomitant medication use and baseline blood pressure levels.

Praliciguat-treated patients had greater declines in LDL cholesterol, including those patients on background statin therapy

Least squares (LS) mean changes from baseline values with 95% confidence intervals (CI) shown beneath each bar. LS mean differences between praliciguat and placebo-treated patients with 95% CI are shown below each pair of bars. Seferovic et al. (EASD 2018) oral presentation

See also: An oral presentation from the ADA Scientific Sessions summarizing the results from this exploratory Phase 2a clinical study of praliciguat in patients with diabetes and hypertension

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