Multiple-Ascending-Dose Study of the Soluble Guanylate Cyclase Stimulator, IW-1701, in Healthy Subjects

Blood (2017)

Robert S. Mittleman, Phebe Wilson, Kristine Sykes, Marina Mihova, Jennifer G. Chickering, Dennis Ruff, Michael Hall, Todd G. Milne, Mark G. Currie and Yueh-Tyng Chien

This research summarizes the data from a Phase 1b multiple-ascending-dose study with olinciguat in healthy volunteers. Pharmacokinetic parameters, including volume of distribution, are reported in the abstract and the graphic below.

Olinciguat had dose-proportional pharmacokinetics at steady state in a Phase 1 multiple-ascending dose study in healthy volunteers

Healthy volunteers received 7 days of once-daily olinciguat at doses of 1-, 2- or 5-mg. The graph presents mean plasma concentrations of olinciguat over 24 hours on day 7.
Mittleman et al. Blood 2017, 130 (Suppl 1) 3533.

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