Focus, Forward

Our focus is on unlocking the full therapeutic potential of the NO-cGMP pathway by advancing next-generation soluble guanylate cyclase (sGC) stimulators that can address a broad range of serious and orphan diseases.

We have the expertise, team and determination to bring innovative medicines forward for patients.

Andre, Sickle Cell Disease Patient

Photo by Jermaine L. Stearns

Our Pipeline

Our current pipeline includes differentiated sGC stimulator programs with properties tailored for the distinct serious and orphan diseases they are each intended to treat.

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Leaders in Drug Discovery and Development

We are world leaders in targeted sGC stimulator chemistry and nitric oxide-cGMP pathway pharmacology.

Our team has an exceptional track record bringing meaningful therapies to patients.

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Unlocking the Full Therapeutic Potential of a Fundamental Pathway

We believe targeting the nitric oxide-cyclic cGMP pathway through sGC stimulation holds the key to addressing a broad range of severe and orphan diseases. We are working to harness the potential of this critical pathway.

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How sGC Stimulation Works

Cassandra, Sickle Cell Disease Patient

With daughter Zahra and husband Markus

Spotlight on Sickle Cell Disease (SCD)

SCD is a genetic blood disorder that causes lifelong symptoms, serious complications, and decreased life expectancy.

Learn more about SCD and our vascular sGC stimulator, olinciguat