Our Commitment

We are committed to building a patient-centric company and are driven by a sense of urgency to bring meaningful treatments to patients in need.

Our Focus

We are focused on listening to and learning from patients, their caregivers and their healthcare providers. We understand that each patient and each patient community has unique unmet medical needs and experiences.

Our Compassion

We strive to be compassionate and proactive. We are taking steps to understand the challenges patients face, the needs they have, and how we can best support them from a therapeutic perspective and beyond.

Our Pledge

We pledge to be transparent in our communication with patient communities as our pipeline progresses and our clinical development programs unfold.

Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) Patient Advisory Committee

In line with our “listen first” approach, we have established a patient advisory committee to help us learn more about how SCD impacts patients and their caregivers on a daily basis. The committee also provides input on our olinciguat clinical development program, which is helping us to ensure that we are assessing efficacy in a manner that truly meets the needs of patients suffering from SCD.

This advisory committee has enhanced our understanding of the daily symptom burden that SCD has on patients – bringing to life symptoms such as pain and fatigue through personal stories – and emphasized that relief from those symptoms is critically important for patients.

We look forward to continued collaboration with our SCD patient advisory committee and to meaningful interactions with the broader SCD community as olinciguat progresses through clinical development.

Learn more about SCD and our potential treatment, olinciguat

Andre, Sickle Cell Disease Patient

Photo by Jermaine L. Stearns

Our Sponsorship Program

We are proud to support organizations and programs we believe are doing important work to support patients and public health. Cyclerion considers sponsorship applications from organizations whose primary focus is:

Consistent with Cyclerion’s therapeutic areas of focus, and scientific areas of expertise

Disease awareness, patient education, improvement in and access to healthcare, and/or the promotion of science and medicine

For more information or to request a sponsorship application form, please contact us at sponsorships@cyclerion.com.